Alumni Fundraising Dinner

alumni dinner invitation

On March 2, 2024, Alumni of Antonine Sister School- Roumieh, organized at Mounir Restaurant, It’s first fundraising dinner. Old scholars, officials, friends, and habitants of Roumieh and the region, got together in a cheerful and memorable evening to renew their support to this esteemed 100-years old educational institution. With joy and heartfelt conversations, they reaffirmed their commitment to making a positive impact on their community. School Director Sister Basima El Khoury, the school’s PR Representative, Mrs. Nadine Hankach, and Deputy Elias Hankach-also an esteemed old scholar, took the stage and delivered inspiring speeches, to thank all the audience for their contribution and to emphasize on the significance of fundraising efforts in supporting students who lacked the means to pay their tuitions, and to highlight the importance of giving-back and the profound impact of education. Thanks to the efforts of the school’s Alumni Association, the event was a testimony of collective generosity and the power of unity in supporting education and empowering future generations.

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